We raised more than £700 for Glamis Hall by wearing our Christmas Jumpers and asking our Facebook fans to do so too!

Karl Howell (director) decided that Plumbco would donate £10.00 for every Christmas Jumper photo that was shared to the Plumbco or the Goodey and Howell Facebook page. Little did he or we know how many photos we would receive

It was great to see the lovely folks at Glamis Hall getting involved, sending in their photos too.

We even had a couple of animals wearing their Christmas jumpers!

It was a really amazing campaign, not only to raise money, but to raise Christmas spirit too. The campaign gained a lot of interest with the press, which was fantastic, not only for us, but for Glamis Hall too. We never expected it.

Being able to hand over a substantial amount of money to the guys at Glamis Hall will just be superb. They are a community centre who provide much needed support for the elderly and can only provide that support with the help of charitable donations, so we know this money is going to go a long way!

Due to its success, we are aiming to roll this out next year too.