To raise money for Comic Relief Red Nose Day Friday 18th March, our Plumbco and Goodey and Howell Wellingborough will be battling it out for the chance of being crowned King or Queen of the bakes!

To enter into the competition, each staff member has donated a minimum of £5.00 to Comic Relief.

They all have the chance of winning a prize, and a trophy which we are hoping will be passed on to a new winner every year as we make this an annual competition!

We are also opening it up to the general public, so please let us know when you next stop by if you’d like to enter.

A special guest will judge the bakes in the morning, and then anyone who visits Plumbco or Goodey and Howell can buy them throughout the day.

We will donate 100% of the money collected to Comic Relief Red Nose Day.

All for a great cause!